"From Vienna with Love"


As part of the Balkan Theatre Networks project, a group of young actors performed the premiere of theatre play “From Vienna with Love” at the theater in Kumanovo, on 11 July 2012.

The drama is written and designed by a multiethnic group of youth from Kumanovo under the professional leadership of the Youth Theatre ART A in collaboration with the Cultural Center in Kumanovo.
The story shows the obstacles a group of men from Kumanovo are facing during connecting in Vienna to their return flight from Kabul. In the famous Balkan restaurant in Vienna, some of them find love, some of them fulfill their dreams, and all of them are bound by friendship and trust in a brighter future. 

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The Centre for Common Ground (CCG as SFCG is known in Europe) has been working toward reconciliation, interethnic relations and stability in the Western Balkans since 1994, beginning with Macedonia and later expanding into Kosovo after war erupted there. Although inter-communal tensions never exploded into full civil strife as they did in Kosovo, Macedonia did balance on the verge of civil war in early 2001 and sharp divides still exists between ethnic Macedonians, Albanians, Turks and Roma. Read more ...

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