“Just Dance”


Kosovo, country-wide
To encourage all youth, no matter their nationality or religion, to live together in one country as equal citizens in every respect.
Team members:
Dastidë Hajdari, Arbër Selmani, Genc Mehmetaj, Hana Xhemajli, Vukman Manić.
Target Audience:
All citizens of Kosovo.
The “Just Dance” project’s main intention was to make a video clip which would show that the youth of Kosovo want to continue living in peace and harmony with other ethnicities. This project was implemented by a multi-ethnic youth team from Pristina and Gracanica. The video included many ethnicities living in Kosovo: Albanians, Serbians, Roma, Ashkali, Bosnians, and Turks. The voiceover in the video clip is speaking in three languages: Albanian, English, and Serbian, and the spot was produced in the same three languages. Produced by the well-known company “Entermedia”, the video was posted on the website “YouTube”- we expect to have lots of viewers!
In addition, the video will be transmitted through national TV channels RTK, KTV, TV21, and KLAN Kosova and on the local TV stations in Peja,  Gracanica, and Mitrovica.


За Центарот за Заедничка Основа

The Centre for Common Ground (CCG as SFCG is known in Europe) has been working toward reconciliation, interethnic relations and stability in the Western Balkans since 1994, beginning with Macedonia and later expanding into Kosovo after war erupted there. Although inter-communal tensions never exploded into full civil strife as they did in Kosovo, Macedonia did balance on the verge of civil war in early 2001 and sharp divides still exists between ethnic Macedonians, Albanians, Turks and Roma. Read more ...

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