“Multi-Ethnic Youth”

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To create links across ethnic divides between the Albanian and Serbian communities who live separately in Mitrovica and advance young people’s knowledge in peace and conflict transformation through trainings, courses, and activities.
Team Members:
Gëzim Shala, Ferdi Kadriu,Kastriot Leku,Visar Kasa
Target Audience:
Young people of Mitrovica and music lovers everywhere.
This project had several implementation phases. The first was a 4 day-long training on “Concepts of Peace, Prevention, and Negotiation of Conflicts” led
by professional trainer Professor Fisnik Kumnova that included 15 young people of Albanian and Serbian heritage. The atmosphere at the training was friendly and cooperative. The second phase was a one day cultural tour around Kosovo to visit historic monuments, and the third involved recording a song named “Peace” in Serbian, Albanian, and English with youth from the rock school in Mitrovica. This school lent a lot of support for these young people in order to produce the song, which was an excellent example of the work that these young people did - and the work of all youth in Mitrovica. “Peace” was played on local radio stations such as Radio Mitrovica and Radio KFOR and also published on the YouTube and Facebook websites.

Lyrics of the song “Peace”:
We’re stuck in a cloudy day;
We’re looking for some freedom
To shine upon us like the sun.
We’re going to find a way,
Left or right,
We’re searching for that day.

Kemi ngecur në një kohë pa diell,
po kërkojmë liri.
Por ne do të gjejmë rrugën tonë,
në paqe dhe lumturi.

Заглављени смо у облачан дан;
и тражимо слободу
да сија над нама као сунце.
Ми ћемо да нађемо начин,
лево или десно,
у потрази смо за тај дан.


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