“Together it’s Possible”

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To sensitize youth about the multicultural values and traditions of Kosovo by creating an opportunity for youth from various background to understand, learn and experience the cultural heritage and beauty of their country together.
Target audience:
Youth from different background from Mitrovica
Team Members:
Agron Ademi, Edona Selmani, Arbër Kyqyku
A group of 40 young people of different backgrounds (Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Turkish) from Mitrovica visited various cities in Kosovo. In the company of one another, they saw the cultural monuments and natural beauty of Mitrovica, Vushtrri, Pristina, Gjilan, Ferizaj, Peja, Decan, Gjakova, Prizren, and Brezovica. Kosovo’s vast diversity of ethnic heritage sites was represented among the many places visited by the group. As a result, these youth were able to see different cultures and break the boundaries that previously seemed unbreakable for some of them. Participants established strong social contacts, continuing to stay in touch through the social network “Facebook”. The photos that group members took during the 4 day excursion are now displayed on the walls of schools in Mitrovica as an example of social cooperation. Through these activities, the quote “Together It’s Possible” was brought to life.


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