“Educating and Raising the Awareness of Consumers in Kosovo”

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Using the occasion of the World Consumer Rights Day (March 15th) to raise awareness and to inform Kosovo citizens about their rights and duties as consumers
Team members:
Shkumbin Asllani, Agnesa Fejzullahu, Lum Hoxha.
Target Audience:
All citizens of Kosovo.
Members of this team from Pristina promoted the Law defending consumers’ rights and informed people of the importance of this field as a step towards Kosovo’s integration into Europe. The project educated consumers on:
1) the law on consumers’ rights in Kosovo;
2) European Union guidelines; and
3) where customers should go to have their problems addressed.
Youth team members worked with many high school students, as they believe that they can spread the information to others in order to improve the knowledge people have about the products they buy. In each of the 5 cities where the team implemented the project, the group visited at least one school (visiting 3 in Mitrovica) to inform students and teachers directly about the problems, challenges, and rights of each of us as costumers. Advancing this knowledge was achieved by distributing 7,500 flyers about the relevant Kosovo laws and the EU Directive on Consumer Rights. The team also interviewed 500 people on the street about their experience with faulty or expired products, knowledge of laws to protect consumers, and the processes available to them to notify  authorities of potentially hazardous products. Team members then presented the statistical findings of the surveys to their peers. In each city, team members were assisted by 15 volunteers to conduct interviews and hand out flyers.


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