“Youth for a Clean Environment”

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To raise awareness among young people, as well as citizens in general, on how important it is to care about the environment.
Target Audience:
Students in the Rahovec area, as well as the wider community in Rahovec
Team Members:
Irvin Jaha, Birken Kadriu, Djellza Thaçi, Ramadan Sokoli
The “Youth for a Clean Environment” team worked towards the goal that in the future there will be no degradation of nature, something people in Kosovo currently witness on a daily basis. Throughout the municipality of Rahovec, this diverse group of young people chose locations for planting tree, flower, and plant seedlings based on where young people hang out and relax, such as the town’s central park. The official opening of the activity was celebrated during the International Earth Day (April 22nd) and advertised over the radio. The students that participated in the project learned how to improve their habits and develop awareness about saving the environment. Activities took place in the villages of Krusha e Madhe , Hoqa e Madhe , Ratkoc and Xerxe, at the schools “ Isa Boletini”, “Mihail Grameno”, “7 Shtatori”, “Ardhmeria”, “Xhelal Hajde– Toni”, and ”Xhelal Hajda– Toni”. Thus, all the school of the municipality profited from the project.


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