“Through Sports We Build Peace and Tolerance”

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To contribute to building the peace and tolerance by involving young people from both communities that live together in Shterpce: Serbians and Albanians.
Team Members:
Besart Bajrami, Bektesh Bajrami, Bojan Stefanović
Target Audience:
Athletic youth from all communities in Shterpce.
The project “Through Sports We Build Peace and Tolerance” sought to bring together young people from different ethnic backgrounds to demonstrate that the residents of Shterpce can do anything together- live, work, play, and live in peace. This was realized by organizing a football tournament, a sporting event that brought together youth from the Albanian and Serbian communities. To announce the team application and registration processes, “Through Sports We Build Peace and Tolerance” group members created posters and radio advertisements in Serbian and Albanian, thus ensuring that all youth knew about the tournament and could participate. Young people formed 8 football teams to compete in the contest. Games were played 3 weekends in a row, drawing an estimated audience of more than 150 people over the course of the tournament. Each week, the result of the match narrowed down the participating teams until the final match, at which the winning team was determined.


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