“Basketball Peace Tournament”

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Bardhosh and the municipality of Pristina
To use sports as a tool of bringing together young people from different ethnic backgrounds.
Target Audience:
Youth interested in sports from diverse backgrounds in Bardhosh, Pristina, and nearby towns.
Team Members:
Blendrit Elezaj, Rinor Musliu, Liridona Elezi, Albert Ramadani, Sabri Dragusha.
This project was organized by a group of young people from Pristina who thought of doing something in the village of Bardhosh because of the importance of this village as a multi-cultural zone.
They organized a basketball tournament with multi-ethnic teams from Bardhosh, Pristina and the surrounding villages. To attract a wide range of youth, team members created and pasted posters around Bardhosh, Pristina, and other villages. Sixteen teams, comprised of youth of Roma, Serbian, Albanian, and Turkish heritage, participated. In breaks between games, the audience watched a karate demonstration by Roma youth, a documentary film on HIV/AIDS, and listened to music. More than 200 people attended the event.


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