“Green School”

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To raise awareness about the environment and promote living in an environmentally friendly manner.
Team Members:
Marina Jovanović, Milan M. Jovanović, Danijela Ničić
Target Audience:
Citizens of Gracanica, students in particular.
“Green School” sought to create an “eco-culture” by educating young people in Gracanica about the environment. The goal was that through education, these messages can be passed by youth to the children, and through them, to their families and the community. The project was implemented in two phases: first, group members, along with 6 other volunteers, gave a training session for youth aged 16-23 on saving the local environment by using education, led by a qualified trainer Jugoslav Mitić, a professional biologist. The second phase included fieldwork- working with students from local schools and other citizens and distributing 700 flyers that promoted saving the environment as well as 700 eco-bags (reusable bags) to anyone present during the activity.


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