“The Earth Revolves around Youth”

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To help young people express their talents and creativity through painting and to use art to raise funds for community members in need.
Target Audience:
students in Mitrovica North area
Team Members:
Gordana Jeličić, Predrag Petković, Irena Otasević, Slobodan Otasević, Vesna Tanić
The winning team from the northern part of Mitrovica organized workshops and provided art supplies in order to increase interest in the arts among youth in their community. Every weekend for a month, they held gatherings at the French Cultural Center where students of primary and secondary school age came to paint works of art. Young musicians provided guitar music at these sessions.
The artists produced 28 paintings, 21 of which were presented in a formal exhibition of the work attended by local municipality representatives as well as the participating young art enthusiasts. The artwork was auctioned off, and proceeds were designated for charitable purposes- to help community members in need by providing them with needed supplies that they could not afford. Team members established a website: “Slikarskaradionica.t15.org”, where you can find all the 21 paintings and other information about the workshops.


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