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In Struga around 25 multiethnic youth from the city and the surrounding villages participated in the project. For this group of youth it was the first time to be involved as direct participants in any segment of theatre production. They were trained in playwrighting, costume and set design and acting and after 3 months of work they developed the drama called "Timeline".

It is a dynamic drama portraying the small town of Struga in the year 2025 and today. The destinies of three families from different ethnic and social background are intertwined, the traditions and stereotypes which are deeply rooted into the people are exposed, no matter if they come from the village or from the city. The young actors call up upon the audience with the message "If you want to change the world - start from yourself!”

Premier performance of the "Timeline" happened in Struga, on 4 June at 17:00 in the hall of the Cultural Center.

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