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The theatre play “Bridges” is a product of continuous work during several months with secondary school youth from Nish, who were involved in the playwright process, and later in the other stages of drama design, such as acting, costume and set design.

The play is inspired and is portraying in a dynamic and humoristic manner the everyday life of a group of secondary school youth, showing their reflections on discrimination, differences and intolerance. The story follows a Roma young man and the challenges he faces, including relationships with his peers, and the prejudices and discrimination that sorrund him. The drama is presenting a contemporary image of the life of the youth today. In a search for a common niche, linkage and empowerment, the youth finds a “bridge” which will create bonds between them for the life they will be living in the future.
The storyline for the play has emerged from the stories and experiences of the participating youth. 

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